The stories behind the Winter Collection!

She’s out living off the grid part time in a tiny house she built with her boyfriend. In the winter she’s gone traveling with a heli-ski company in Alaska and most importantly Holly Shankland documents her life through a Canon 5D Mark III camera lens. Holly is the adventure photographer that has inspired some of the most unique bigtruck hats we’ve ever had the privilege of releasing to you. 

The “Light Lapse”, “Powder”, and “Og Sublimated Mountain” bigtruck hats are each designed based on Holly’s photos of her adventures in the Chugach Wilderness Area where she flew in a helicopter thousands of vertical above the region to snap these shots. “It was cool to find a company whose vision was the same as my life mantra, Fun First,” Holly said.


Holly has always had the drive to make her dreams come to life. When she yearns for a vacation she makes it happen and would never forget to bring her camera along with her. When she’s off taking photos in Alaska she keeps bigtruck in mind. “I am always in the back of my mind thinking about putting that photo on a hat and the whole fun first mentality,” Holly said. She holds health and happiness close to her heart as she inspires those around her to remember that life is not as serious as we sometimes make it out to be. Instead she believes that life is about the relationships that we form and staying happy and healthy.

A few of the hats in the Fall/Winter ‘15 collection were inspired by Holly! Read more below to learn about the story behind each hat. 

Light Lapse: Capturing the Northern Lights is no small feat. It involves setting an alarm for three in the morning to sleepily toss on a coat and slippers and meander to the nearest window to spot the wondrous beauty. For Holly, while staying in Alaska, she could see the Northern Lights from her bedroom window. At first glance of the scene, she’d quickly set up her gear and head to Prince William Sound near her bedroom. As the tide changed, her camera caught the beautiful reflection on the ocean that produced the image on the “Light Lapse” hat.

OG Sublimated Mountain “Butter”: At Pontoon Peak, considered one of the top 5 jewels of the Chugach, Holly was fortunate to be able capture awesome shots with the Points North Heli Adventures guide team on a beautiful day.

“Stars aligned for a magical moment of the sun setting and the pink sherbert of the alpenglow setting in," Holly said.

OG Sublimated Black/White “Powder”:

Holly was up in the rotation to go out with Points North and it had just dumped 8 feet of snow.... If the blue bird gods blessed them, they were flying.

“All the cards lined up and it was probably my best day ever on snow,” Holly said. “I was lucky enough to share it with two of my coworkers Jake and Paul. We all the best time together all day, all smiles.” And forever was created the “Powder” sublimated photo taken for a bigtruck hat on the perfect powder day. We wouldn’t want it any other way!


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