This Guys Knows What's Up

He’s a little bit different than your average ski racer. He even defines the word “different”…well, differently. Logan Slattery is a recent graduate of Green Mountain Valley School where he learned how to balance the pressures of becoming a world class ski racer and keeping sane through his passion of staying outdoors.

“I hate the gym. I go to it when I have to,” Logan said. “I’m a big believer of being athletic and having brute strength. Sometimes I skip the gym to go play soccer instead.”

It’s this mentality that keeps Logan’s mental strength in good spirits. It’s this balance of personal progression and athleticism mixed in with knowledge of happiness and sanity that makes Logan our newest bigtruck brand Ambassador.

Having grown up in Franconia, NH - Logan was exposed to tons of outdoor activities. From mountain biking, trail running, tennis, hiking and soccer he paired training for ski races with some other rad activities too. Logan’s dad was a ski patroller and when Logan was thrown into the world of ski racing at age 8 it was nothing more than an opportunity to keep skiing in the mountains. 10 years later, next thing he knew he was scoring the lowest FIS points on record for U18 boys.

After a year of post-grad training with the Green Mountain Valley School, Logan’s headed to college to play soccer and hopes to start up his own team for the National University Ski Team, a program the U.S. Ski Team announced in May, 2015.

“I have a different way of going about things than your average ski racer,” Logan said. “I want freedom of choice and thought, and I want to love the sport and be 25 and still out there doing it.” 

It’s that brute and grit mentality that makes him fit right into the funfirst family!


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