Are you curious who is Making your hat?

Joe Diamond

Can be seen wearing: bigtruck Pro Heather Vyze flat brim

A Philadelphia native, who decided to move out west from upstate New York shortly after graduating high school. Enjoys hikes, snowboarding, the beach, volleyball, swimming, and of course gaming too. Been living in the Lake Tahoe area for about 3 years now and loving it. After having many odd jobs around the Tahoe area, Joe landed himself a job at bigtruck brand creating custom-made hats in the production factory.  He sold his car, packed up his suitcase, and bought a plane ticket to Tahoe. In order to find inspiration he has learned to look within himself. He reads a variety of books, and hopes to be a better person each day than he was the day before. “I try to make choices everyday that better me as a person and help the people around me. I don’t think inspiration can be taught or defined, but instead can only be realized, “ Joe said.


Cynthia Santana

Can be seen wearing: bigtruck OG grey/red summer edition

Cynthia was hired to work as a sewer for bigtruck in September of 2012 when the company operated with only 4 employees. Seeing as she had never sewn a stitch in her life, the owners of bigtruck took her under their wings and taught her how to sew custom made hats. She began by sewing small tags and a year later worked her way into sewing goggles onto hats. Three years later, Cynthia is now the resident professional sewer. You could ask her if a certain hat patch color goes well with a stitching color and you will get nothing but the most honest truth, sometimes spoken in Spanish as she is bilingual. She grew up in Guadalajara and Truckee meanwhile graduating high school from Truckee High. She often reps a soccer jersey paired with a bigtruck hat and rushes off to Reno after work to play striker for a local soccer team.

Luke Hammond 

Can be seen wearing: black on black OG with a slight bend in the brim

Luke received his undergraduate degree in Business Management from the University of Southern Maine, where he also played collegiate baseball for four years. He stays inspired by his own creativity and passion for the outdoors. He is currently working towards his Captain’s License in order to pursue a lifelong dream of working as a fly-fishing guide in Alaska. He enjoys skiing in the winter, fly fishing the rest of the year and creating music in his downtime. At the bigtruck headquarters, Luke dabbles in a lot of areas of the production of bigtruck hats. He has recently learned to sew and is excited to have a new skill to utilize throughout his life. Luke moved to Tahoe from Rangeley, Maine in November, 3014 to work as the Assistant Race Director at the Sugar Bowl Resort. He likes being able to ski everyday and hone his skills on the “gnarlier” west coast terrain.

Zoe King

Zoe came from Buderin, Queensland Australia to Soda Springs, California in 2000. Her love of fashion landed her a job at a thrift store for over 10 years after arriving to the states. When an employee from bigtruck started talking to Zoe about sewing they discovered the hidden gem that Zoe used to sew in Australia for her company that sold sky diving apparel. She co-owned that business manufacturer of sky diving apparel for 8 years before she moved to the U.S.

Now living in Soda Springs, she is a creative woman of many talents other than sewing. She likes to sail, ride bikes, hike, swim and create beautiful art. She fits in well in this area of California because she can be surrounded by people who also love to create and seek inspiration in art. When asked what her cure for a bad day is she responded that “sometimes all you need is a beer”.


Rachel Ann Porter

Can be seen wearing: Pro charcoal grey with neon flat brim 

When you’re introduced to Rachel and you shake her hand, her grasp will be filled with country mannerisms and flow with a passionate drive to let you know that she cares about you and what you are about to say. Outgoing and motivated ate two words she would use to describe herself- right on target. Rachel moved from Carmel Valley 10 months ago where she grew up riding horses and racing dirt bikes. Her dad and brother put her on a dirt bike when she turned 3 years old and she’s been glued to the seat ever since. Although her family members are some of her best friends, her dog Tucker is her world. Rachel strives to be adventurous and free and finds that she can best do that through her love of empowering kids. She puts fun first when she works at North Star as a ski instructor for kids ages 3 to 6. On her “days off” Rachel is often busy at the bigtruck factory sewing and patching hats together.


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