The Only Gift That You Should Give This Valentine's Day

Okay,  so we’ve all done it. The infamous Pinterest search for “Valentines Gifts for Him” or more candidly, “Gifts that don’t suck.” You’ll find things like fancy bottles of whiskey or shave clubs, watches and jerseys (let’s hope he’s not a Rams fan.)

 give the gift of a custom hat for Valentine's Day

This year, we’re really making it easy for you by giving you three reason why a custom bigtruck® hat is the only gift worth considering giving this Valentine’s day.


  1. A for effort. A custom hat is better than:
    • A half-used Starbucks gift card from the bottom of your purse.
    • A spa day. (Dudes know that you are booking this for yourself.)
    • That oh $*!# moment when you remember it’s Valentine’s Day halfway through the workday on February 14th.
  2. When your significant other looks good, everyone wins.
    1. They’ll be stoked when they get a shout out on their new lid in the Safeway self-checkout line. Local or not, they’ll have everyone fooled.
    2. You can be selfish without anyone knowing. Who doesn’t their date to be the best-looking dude in the room?
    3. You won’t have to beg him to take a selfie with you. He’ll happily flash a smile to the camera when he knows he’s looking 💯.
  3. You’re a conscious consumer.
    1. This is a no brainer. A hat crafted just for him or a bottle of whiskey for the same price? Pro tip: hats don’t end with hangovers.
    2. Dollar shave club is wasteful as $*!#. Don’t you want to join the B Corp Movement?
    3. The joy from a romantic meal is temporary, bigtruck® hats last forever.


We’ve made the custom hat building experience not only enjoyable, but super easy. If you don’t know where to start, begin with these styles. If you are still confused, just give us a call! After all, we are the hat making experts...




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