Adaptive Ski Camp and High Fives Foundation: Trevor Kennison is Undeniably Rad

Trevor Kennison dropping the couloir


Trevor Kennison hucking Corbet’s during this years Kings and Queens Competition will, without a doubt, be remembered as one of those pivotal moments in a sport.  SImilar moments include seeing Tony Hawk's first 900 at the 1999 X games, watching Mark McMorris stomp the first triple cork, or hearing rumors that snowboarding would be part of the 1998 Olympics.

Kings & Queens of Corbet's is a competition created to showcase the progression of skiing and snowboarding; lining up the world best and sending them off a diving board over the most iconic run in the States. Karl Fostvedt hitting Corbet’s switch (backwards) was progressive, but Trevor Kennison dropping the couloir on a sit ski was epic.

You felt the landing in your bones...and could hear the crowd across the Tetons. For anyone who has poured their life into skiing or snowboarding and battled injuries with fear of having to give up the sports they love, it was an inspiration.

Trevor suffered a spinal cord injury in the backcountry near Vail Colorado in 2014. He has since worked with the High Fives Foundation; who has helped almost 200 athlete recover or return to their sports since 2009.


A non profit based out of Truckee, CA, High Fives Foundation has helped 187 athlete recover or return to their sports since 2009.  


High Fives Foundation Adadtrive Ski Camp Winter Park 3019

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