Summer Favorites

In honor of Summer Solstice. 

You’ve worked your ass off all day and it’s time to celebrate Summer Solstice late into the night. The truck is loaded with bikes, beers are chilling in the Yeti and your friends won’t stop texting you that you better be out the office door at 5:00 sharp. (Are you seriously the only one with a 9-5?)

In celebration of the longest day of the year, you and your friends have been plotting an epic night of mountain biking from sunset to sunrise—ending with a dip in the notoriously cold Lake Tahoe. Crazy? Yeah. But these are the moments we are made for. Adrenaline pumping, music blasting and that little voice in the back of your head that says this might not be the best idea. Memories are made out on the trail, around a campfire, when tossing a beer to your buddy and putting on your favorite sweat stained trucker hat after one hell of a ride. Not sitting at home, making a healthy dinner and resting up for work the next day.

Okay so maybe your first day of summer isn’t going to live up to this daydream we’ve been dreaming up, but Summer Solstice marks the official start to summer and we know you’ve got so many legendary adventures in the mountains yet to come. 

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