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At bigtruck® we choose to work with authentic, creative and empowering people to help share our story. From professional athletes to super-moms, we are inspired by the individuals that we work with and how they define #funfirst in their daily lives.

When working with Lindsey and Colton on a recent shoot, we were blown away by their strong mother and son bond. Even through the photos, the laughter and smiles that they share truly contagious. Learn more about this Mom and son duo below:

Where are you from?

That seems like it should be an easy question.  I always tell people I’m from somewhere between Denver Colorado and Napa California.  Colorado has been home to my dad’s side of the family for a number of generations so I was lucky enough to be able to spend a large chunk of my life adventuring through the Rocky Mountains skiing, camping, backpacking and drinking from the cool water of glacial streams but also quite a bit of time in Northern California where my family has been ranching since the 1850s.  Growing up spending time here in California I learned to lamb, muck horse stalls, climb stacks of freshly bailed hay and discern the difference between a Thompson Seedless table grape and a cabernet grape.  

 A little bit about the ranch you live on... 

We live on a ranch that has been in my family for three generations.  We grow grapes - a lot of them.  But really the majority of the place has been left to nature.  We have bears, mountain lions, and even a bobcat who hops the fence at our house overnight to hunt fro frogs under our orange tree.  So I tell people we grow wildlife. :)  The place is a dream.  I have been coming here since I was a little girl and have always felt that it is otherworldly.  We have no cell phone service, a landline that works if the underground lines dry out and internet, well on occasion.  It’s the place where we can check out of the world and in with ourselves and those who we are with.  


I am a mother, a dreamer and a doer.  If you’ve ever been a mother you know is a full time job and a half so I am always surprised I have time for anything else but it turns out that I have been able to continue to do the things I'm passionate about by bringing Colton (my two year old) with me pretty much everywhere. I love to dream up adventures whether it’s how we are going to get things done on the ranch for the day or it’s a two week ski extravaganza through Colorado.  And then I just DO … to make my dreaming worthwhile I just put them into action.  


My fun first is not holding back.  I am one of those people who is less about the destination and more about the process so if I am doing something I try to do it well which can actually make even the mundane so much fun!  When Colton, my two year old and I are making pancakes (which is 3-4 days a week because why not?!) I am in charge of measuring the ingredients and he’s in charge of egg beating, stirring and pouring the batter onto the griddle.  It’s a mess!  He usually has pancake batter up to his elbows and by the time we are finished we’re both sporting smashed blueberries on our faces and we’ve got a good 10 minutes of licking the bowl and our fingers to do in order to clean up …  there’s always a lot of laughter which is even more important than the pancakes.  If it’s not blueberry pancake batter we’re painting the kitchen with then we’re probably outside chopping firewood, driving tractors, tending our garden, chasing our bantam hens around or taking lemonade out to our vineyard crew.  A midday jump into the lake to cool down is always a good one too.  Getting out on the paddle board at the end of the day helps me (and us) quietly reflect on the day and the beautiful outdoors that we are so lucky to call home. 

Something you would like to share. 

I believe that passing on a smile, a compliment or a kind word to a stranger everyday can change the world. Maybe #funfirst should be brightening someone else’s day!  


  • Inez

    Love this! Family first

  • Anna

    Lindsey is a fantastic mom and a great friend. Growing up together was fun. She always invited me (the unpopular kid) to all her parties and events growing up. Eventhough we parted since grade school we met up recently and I got to see first hand what a fun loving mother she has become. ?

  • Allison Whitney

    Lindsey is an inspiration. We should all try a little of Lindsey’s #funfirst!!!

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