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Through the bigtruck® cobrand program, we are able to work directly with organizations from all over the globe. From the outdoor industry to tech, music festivals to non-profits, we are able to redefine the shared value proposition though a high-quality and design centric product. Many of our partners take pride in working with the local community and Race178 is no exception. 

bigtruck® cobrand partner, Race178, is a professional production company that has been hosting races since 2005 when they hosted the first Reno-Tahoe Odyssey.

The RTO is a relay race like no other that takes relay races to the next level. With 3000 runners participating, the race brings 250 teams of 12 runners together for one epic journey. Starting in Reno, the race climbs its way up to Truckee, over to Squaw Valley, around Lake Tahoe to South Lake, continuing to Carson City, Virginia City and ending back in Reno at Idlewild Park along the Truckee River. (This relay is no joke.)

In spirit of the 13th annual Reno-Tahoe Odyssey Race, we interviewed RTO alumnus and running enthusiast, Denise. Denise is ramping up to participate in her second RTO and is officially hooked on this 178 mile race around the Reno-Tahoe region.

Favorite places to run on the RTO loop
Leg 15, around Emerald Bay was my favorite run last year. I was running that leg at dusk and the views were stunning! I have also done training runs on: Leg 4 (Dog Valley), leg 30 (Gold Hill), and leg 33 (Toll Road).  Each one is a challenging accomplishment!  But I think my favorite moment from last year was on leg 30. We came in with our runner into Virginia City, cheering her on after a grueling climb.

What inspired you to do RTO?
My running friends and the challenge. Coming together as a group at the start, meeting up at the exchange points, cheering each other on, and crossing that finish line as a team is a great feeling.

How you keep a #funfirst attitude on the course?
Cheering loudly for every runner and taking lots of pictures!

Why is your bigtruck® x Race178 hat your lucky hat?
It is my lucky hat because I was wearing it when I PR'd on a half-marathon last year!

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  • Cheryl

    Love your Big Truck Hat, love that you are local and love RTO.

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