bigtruck x Gramicci


bigtruck x Gramicci

Posted on 16 December 2015

Life comes down to experiences; the people, the places and how we choose to spend our time are all a part of our story. The brands that inspire us to get outside, have fun and enjoy each moment to the fullest become a part of that story. Gramicci’s brand anthem to #LiveFree and #StartSomewhere and bigtruck brand’s motto of #FunFirst and #SeekAdventureInEverythingYouDo are perfectly aligned, so why not embrace it and combine the best of both?

In collaboration there is excitement and chemistry.  There is a freshness of new ideas that begin to form. Gramicci has over thirty years of heritage and soul while bigtruck brand has created a culture of Fun First that has taken over the Tahoe community and beyond in just a few short years.  Through grassroots movements each has organically created a loyal following and a community of people that share in their passion for life. They are a positive force in this world embodying everything a union of this caliber could be.

As with their successes, there is a unique camaraderie among companies with humble beginnings. Gramicci was started in a garage in Southern California and bigtruck brand was founded in a shed on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Both started small with a love of the outdoors, living a free spirited life and having fun above all else.  Both were born from people simply doing what they love and using their passion, creativity and perseverance to bring an idea to life. Both are authentic to their heritage and believe that life comes down to experience, encouraging people to make the most of it.

So what happens when outdoor clothing brand Gramicci collaborates with Outside Magazine’s “Lid of Choice” bigtruck brand?  An incredibly well designed hat beaming with soul.

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