A Fun First Wake Devil

“People love bigtruck everywhere I go. I was at a competition in Sacramento and I had a girl keep grabbing my hat any chance she got. People were relating to the brand and yelling out ‘hey bigtruck!’”

Mark McCallum is 20 years old and has been embracing the fun first lifestyle since he grew up in Michigan where his friends knew him as reckless, far smarter than he looks, and filled with angst-y emotions and actions of motivation.

Mark joined the Arizona State University Wake Devils as a freshman and dove into the sport the way he does with all other sports, head on and with full force. Rarely does Mark take on tasks with half of his heart. While growing up shredding the slopes of Michigan, Mark was always a snowboarder until his best friend set a few slalom gates for him to try out and Mark jumped on two boards instead of one and placed top twenty at the Michigan State Ski Racing Competition.

“That’s just how I am,” Mark said. “At the end of the day you control your own fate and you personally have to go out and get the things you want; there’s no free ride.”

While living in a house filled with Wake Devils, Mark relishes in the college fun first, play hard, and work hard while doing it lifestyle. If he’s not out practicing his favorite trick (wrapped stalefish 540) his pants are glued to the rusty seat of a library chair for 8 hours on any given day. That’s what living “fun first” is all about. It’s all about those days that you work until you can’t feel your hand anymore because you’ve been holding a pencil for more than 10 hours straight. It’s those days that make the fun ones worth it. The hours in the library make flying behind a boat on a wakeboard that much more worthy of the grab.

The Arizona Wake Devils have won two back-to-back National Championships in 2013 and 2014. The team is a shredding spectacle set out to impress, have a good time, and never stop travelling. Mark exemplifies that crazy attitude and the desire to never stop moving and exploring.

Make sure to look out for Mark at Empire Wake Colligate WakeboardingCompetitions reppin’ the bigtruck hat.
Check out this edit of Mark in Mexico: 


Shred on Mark!




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