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A man of Four Seasons

Posted on 04 November 2015

One of bigtruck’s oldest unofficial Brand Ambassadors, Chris Cloyd saw bigtruck before bigtruck was bigtruck. Yet if you asked him he’d tell you bigtruck has always carried the same amount of boundless positivity and un-ending stoke that they do today. The message is the same, the employees are only getting smarter and more creative he noted. 

“It’s been a trip (watching the company grow),” Chris said. “My mom calls me from Japan and points out famous people she sees in magazines wearing bigtruck hats.” 

Chris Cloyd is an accomplished four-season athlete. In the winter and spring he’s out mountaineering and shredding the perfect arc for cameras at Squaw Valley. Meanwhile in the summer and fall he scrambles up mountains in the sport known as “Peakbagging” where mountaineers attempt to reach the summits of a collection of peaks with speed, usually those above some height or prominence in a particular region. This summer, Chris and his training partner Steven Benesi have bagged over 22 Mountains of the 62 Western States/OGUL peaks in the Tahoe region just in the last 6 months. 

Chris does nothing without full force and speed. Whether he’s toning bodies as a full time Fitness Director at Truckee’s Performance Training Center or out stomping the trails as an official Solomon Athlete, Chris does everything to his strongest ability with passion and enthusiasm. 

“I’m doing my best to keep the stoke in the mountains, moving fast for four seasons in the year,” Chris said.  “I love to apply speed to the mountain arena.” 

On top of his role as Performance Training Center’s Fitness Director, Chris works passionately hand in hand rehabilitating High Fives Athletes at the CR Johnson Healing Center.  

He might just be one of bigtruck’s most rounded Brand Ambassadors with his ability to carry his stoke through all four seasons in far too many capacities to count. We bet it doesn’t surprise you that he’ll be in Greenland with Ice Axe Expeditions racing a 50k running race and exploring Greenland on his split-board… it didn’t surprise us, that’s for sure! 

Welcome to the team, Chris….officially! 

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