Unleashed Adventure Photographer

Meet Max Thilen.

He’s more than a photographer. He’s an entrepreneur, lover of art, and some may even say he’s intense. But before jumping to conclusions, his friends would pair the word intense with adoring words like “loyal, uncoordinated, and talkative”. Driven yet easily distracted sum up this character who loves to have fun with his camera. While taking classes and cycling at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, Max pairs his outdoor adventures with a camera and hiking boots, but boots that aren’t tied with laces because he might trip over those.

“I like landscapes and I love to document fun stuff that I do with my friends. I think my style pertains to whatever is around me at that time.” His camera is only an extension of the places he goes, rather than a tool that drives him. The photos he takes capture the exciting places he goes. Taking pictures is a way that he is able to pack fun and adventurous activities into a day. 

“Over the last month I’ve taken 5,000 photos and procrastinated school work,” Max said. “I have a hierarchy of priorities that goes photography, cycling, school”. If there’s a decision to either have fun or not have fun- Max will choose to have fun, every time (and he doesn’t forget his camera to document it either). Who cares if his camera is heavy and fragile- he will pack it up to the top of a mountain.

Having been raised by a Colombian father and a Finnish mother outside of Miami, Florida- traveling and seeing new things has been instilled in Max’s blood from birth. The crew at bigtruck brand is stoked to have the opportunity to work with Max as our newest photographer and all around fun bigtruck Brand Ambassador.

Check out his Instagram too! @Maxthilen 

And his Website: Maxthilen.com 


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