Champion U.S. Women's Ski Jumper

Bigtruck is happy to introduce Nina Lussi our newest bigtruck Brand Ambassador and Professional U.S. Ski Jumper. Nina won the FIS US National Championship this year with a jump of 120 meters and continues to dominate as she is now in Europe training and competing. Nina embodies a fun first lifestyle making sure to stay playful outside of her seriously competitive sport of ski jumping.


My name is Nina and I, along with thousands of others, am a huge fan of bigtruck brand. After acquiring my first hat, well, I never took it off and the fact that I am now a bigtruck ambassador is simply icing on the cake. With the motto of putting fun first, it’s not a hard sell. I am lucky enough to travel the world while being a professional ski jumper, but I always manage to slip in some fun activities along the way. From paragliding in Slovenia, to carving up Lake Placid on a waterski, to getting major air kite boarding in Turks and Caicos, I never lose sight of what is important in life: doing what you love.

-Nina Lussi 

Look our for more posts from Nina this winter! Keep shredding hard Nina!


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