bigtruck athlete: An Inspiration


bigtruck athlete: An Inspiration

Posted on 03 September 2015

Grant Korgan is more than a title of three records shattered in the matter of 14 hours and 15 minutes. Grant Korgan is more than inspiration; he glows with positivity and healing love. He lives and acts upon the morals and values bigtruck has embraced since day one when the company started with the idea of putting fun first while working as hard as possible. Korgan refers to Galen Gifford, bigtruck CEO, as a brother and even attributed a large part of his success of fastest time to circumnavigate Lake Tahoe in a one-man outrigger canoe to Gifford’s ability to be a “love leader”. Gifford’s boat acted as a media liaison only 5 feet from Korgan as he paddled into the night around Lake Tahoe.

Check out Grant getting ready to break records here:

“I’m 5 feet from the side of the boat and I was basically 5 feet from Galen’s head and he’d look at me and towards the last 3 miles it was getting faster and faster and faster and I was feeling the stoke,” Korgan said. “He was Mel brook’s style crying freedom for me. I am crying, and snotting, and yelling with every stroke and Galen was in just as much of a frenzy. It was two bros in a stoke bond working it out to the finish line.”

In 2010 Galen headed a board for Grant’s first fundraising event called “Sponsored by Love” which upheld the concept that Grant could be sponsored by love with friends and family in order to help him on his way to recovery after his spinal chord injury on March 5, 2010. Beside the fundraiser’s great success, the event hosted one of bigtruck’s very first Sew-On-Site’s where friends and family were able to customize their own bigtruck hats! The bigtruck family’s history runs deep with Grant Korgan and the roots are only continuing to grow as Grant crushes new journeys including rocking a hyrdro-foil board along with his ultimate recovery goal of having the ability to hold his wife, Shawna Korgan’s hand as he walks down the street. Read more of our interview with Grant to gain a better understanding of the incredible person this bigtruck athlete is. 










When you think of bigtruck what do you think of?

FUN. It’s like living that fun first lifestyle. It’s being able to be in a boardroom with executives in formal suits, but wearing a trucker hat at the same time. It’s the elevated consciousness above the misnomers of the past. Bigtruck breaks down the lines and barriers between what’s acceptable to wear in serious situations and how fun applies to serious situations as well. I also think bigtruck represents community. People fly first class in a bigtruck hats! I will be in airports all across the country and I say “what’s up bigtruck” and we’ll be total strangers hugging it out in middle America all because there’s this fun first company connecting people.

How do you live fun first?

With my heart on my sleeve. I live the highest version of who I am as an individual. Doors open because of experiences that I choose to create. In doing that, I get the gratitude of seeing so much of the goodness that exists in the world. I get to be the positivity and it comes down to the stoke of what it means to put fun first.









What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for joy. I want to put joy into other people’s lives. I want to serve which means increasing joy in anyone’s life I have the opportunity to interact with. I yearn to see people smile. When you see people smile they are stoking. That’s why I resonate with the bigtruck lifestyle. Galen, the CEO of bigtruck is smiles for miles.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

 Two things.

  1. My god-father said you are the sum total of every thought you’ve ever had in your entire life. That means your thoughts are how you manifest who you become.
  2. You know yourself better than anybody in the world. Don’t take advice. Get as much data from every person and contributor that you can, but at the end of the day you are the most well versed knowledge base that you have.

 You inspire so many, but what inspires YOU?

Love. The love I have for my wife is my driving force in every minute for every day. Seeing people love each other is inspiring. Seeing someone love me is inspiring. They give me the opportunity to love them and that’s inspiring too!

What’s next for you?

I have a bucket list and a list of expedition certainties. It comes down to in what order they will get achieved. As far as adventure items, the list right now is 22 lines deep. My next super mission is walking with one cane. I want to walk down the street and hold my wife’s hand. I just want to hold my wife’s hand. She can’t wait. We are training every day for that. To be able to walk without canes- the freedom that will come to be able to carry things is huge.

Circumnavigating Lake Tahoe set official Guinness World Records in these categories:

  • Fastest time for a spinal cord injured athlete to circumnavigate Lake Tahoe in a one-man outrigger canoe.
  • Fastest time to circumnavigate Lake Tahoe in a one-man outrigger canoe.
  • Fastest time to circumnavigate Lake Tahoe with human power.

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