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This Hat has Been More Places Than You have

Posted on 04 August 2015

She arrived to the bigtruck office driving a friend’s car she borrowed to get to Truckee from Tahoe City where Christie Graves’s has called her home base for over 14 years. Usually, Christie gets around on a Vespa as there’s no need for a car when you’re traveling over 6 months out of the year.

Christie sorts through the patches to pick out a new one for her old trusty hat

Christie sorts through the patches to pick out a new one for her old trusty hat 

In July, the bigtruck staff had the opportunity to be introduced to Christie at the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Squaw Valley where she quickly let us in on her travel secret- her bigtruck hat. The hat has seen more of the world since 2011 than your typical person has sees in 10 years.

Wearing a white tee-shirt and worn jean shorts, the only flashy thing about Christie was her blown-glass necklace that sparkled with the ashes of her passed dog. Not many people have the opportunity to tie Christie down, not even her long distance Swiss boyfriend who she meets up with in various parts of the globe throughout the year. Flying out of Reno and connecting in San Francisco, Christie travels to a new country when she has the burning itch to feel freedom. The desire to be on the move and travel is one that she has felt since she was a teenager. Christie laughed when she explained how her family in England, where she grew up, would describe her.

“Oh she’s here, now she’s gone they would say,” Christie chuckled outloud. While Tahoe City has been her homebase, her family’s hotel, “The Rock Inn” has allowed her to have a job whenever she wants to come home to England, work, and save up for her next adventure. While in Tahoe, she managed and now waits tables at a local restaurant called WolfDales.

“I work a lot and save up and keep moving, and I’m not scared to work on the road. I find jobs wherever I can and get to know a place for the way the locals live,” Christie said. “I don’t want to be somewhere for only two weeks. I want to be able to really experience the culture of that country or area.”

The less belongings you have, the better off you are and the more free you feel. Christie exemplifies a lifestyle where she chooses minimalism to maintain a fun first attitude.

The photos below show Christie in countries like Thailand, China, Switzerland, and more! 


All photos submitted by Christie Graves 

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