bigtruck's summer bucket list

Summer is in full swing and it’s time to make sure you are taking full advantage.  In order to help maximize these sunny (and snow-free) days, we’ve asked our staff to share an item off their summer time bucket list, reveal their favorite product and express their version of #funfirst. Check out what bigtruck® staff had to say and get inspired for your next #funfirst adventure.


 Brett Tobin, Production

Rathdrum, Idaho

Bucket list item: I’m really itching to go for a backpacking trip in The Ruby Mountains. What’s better than packing up the car with gear, friends, your dog and going on an adventure?

Product recommendation: Original Flat Beach Red Label: It’s a timeless and clean design that you can’t go wrong with.

#funfirst is putting a smile on every day and keep the stoke high!


Teresa Squires, Dealer Services

Reno, Nevada

Bucket list item: Camping out at as many alpine lakes as possible. My fiancé and I have a black and white map of all the lakes within 100 miles of us and look forward to coloring in each lake after we visit it.  

 Product recommendation: Classic Wine - I’m obsessed with the color burgundy – I also love the shape of the hat and how well it fits.

#funfirst is working hard during the week in the office and working hard to go somewhere fun on the weekends.



 Derek Phillips, Design

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Bucket list item: Spend more time on Tahoe wake-surfing. I have always loved being in the water and with a full lake this summer, I want to take advantage. Learning something new is always fun and being out in the sun with friends is an added bonus.

Product recommendation: Original Sublimated Pitted Blue because it’s just a good looking hat. 

#funfirst is all about balancing work and making time for fun. Enjoying the fun moments is key.


Emily Deane, Marketing

Farmington, Maine

 Bucket list item: Paddle board around every portion of Tahoe. A lot of the West Shore is checked off of my list, but there is still so so much to explore.

 Product recommendation: Original Sublimated Lines – The Original is my go to style and the Sublimated Lines is just one of my favorites in my very large collection. Not to mention, the fact that Holly Shankland took this photo during her yoga certification course in Costa Rica makes it even better!

#funfirst: Whether it’s getting out on my mountain bike or jumping in the lake with friends, #funfirst is taking the time to reward your hard work with something that brings you happiness on a daily basis.


Galen Gifford, Founding Partner

Truckee, CA 

Bucket list item: A day full of adventure. Fly myself over the length of Tahoe and end the day boating to South Lake to hear a concert by boat. 

Product recommendation: G.Line Chambray Cap is my go to. I love the look and how comfortable it is with the light fabric.

#funfirst is making sure that I fill up my personal fun bucket through experiences to be the best CEO, husband, father and friend that I can be.


Carly Quinn, Finance

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Bucket list item: Backpack the Thousand Island Lake Loop out of Mammoth and jump in as many lakes as possible!

Product recommendation: Classic Olive - I got this hat for a backpacking trip in Desolation and it quickly became my favorite hat. After hiking and jumping in lakes with my hat, it still looked great.

#funfirst: Work hard and don’t forget to enjoy the area we are lucky enough to call home.


Triston Sceirine, Production

Reno, Nevada

Bucket list item: Getting down to Yosemite and finding somewhere off the beaten path to post up in my hammock.

Product recommendation: Original Sublimated Mountain Peak - I love being outdoors and this hat is a constant reminder to get outside.

 #funfirst: Hiking, camping, hitting the lake, road trips and taking advantage of the Tahoe / Outdoor lifestyle.


Ben The Dog, Leader of the Pack

Southern Missouri

Bucket list item:Learn how to swim and get as much bacon from the bigtruck® staff (and customers) as possible.

 Product recommendation: Original Sublimated Mountain Lake because I love dipping my belly in Tahoe to cool off.  

 #funfirst is running in circles and being the center of attention.


David Eastwood, Sales

Inglewood, California

 Bucket list item: Climb Mount Tindal and Split Mountain. One of my life bucket list items is to climb all of the 14ers in California and these two are the next on my list.

Product recommendation: Classic Navy Red White – I love the colors and the timeless style. Plus, it’s the best fir for old guys.

#funfirst:  Whether it’s a trail run with my dog before work or a mountain bike ride with friends after work, #funfirst is getting out outdoors everyday.


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