#funfirst vision

Galen Gifford, CEO and Founding Partner

Can be seen wearing: The bigtruck Pro, Traditional, and Original.

Galen Gifford is a Love Leader. Leading by example with his #FunFirst attitude, he spawned a culture of ideals and products that became “bigtruck brand”. Galen Gifford, CEO & Founding Partner was selling multi-million dollar homes as a Tahoe-based real-estate broker, was president of a visual graphics firm, and was a performing musician when he chose to make happiness the priority in all aspects of his life. By pursuing his authentic bliss, Galen ultimately become the taste-maker for a world-wide brand.

Galen has been setting fashion trends since he was 6 years old, and becoming the co-founder of a hat company was inevitable. "Fun first is a state of mind and a space to live in, and when I’m in that space, I am a better father, husband, friend and leader,” Gifford said.

Integrity is a driving force in Galen’s life. Filled with an abundance of energy, and a strong balance of creativity and entrepreneurship, Galen executes his fun first vision, from around the board room, to the bigtruck Hat Bar to behind the boat, on the slope. Above all else, Galen finds his strength and empowerment from his phenomenal wife, Shayla and their two beautiful daughters, Gemma and Gwennyth.

It’s Galen’s mission to be a positive force for good, to fuel the world with a #funfirst attitude and to live an exceptional life through connected relationships and experiences.

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