bigtruck teams with Centurion Boats pro wakesports athlete Grant Korga


bigtruck teams with Centurion Boats pro wakesports athlete Grant Korgan

Posted on 09 August 2016

bigtruck teams with Centurion Boats pro wakesports athlete Grant Korgan via Transworld Business

By Hayley Helms

Grant first time driving boat

bigtruck, a brand with a mission to empower, brings pro athlete Grant Korgan onto their team

(Truckee, CA: Aug 8, 2016) – bigtruck, the California-based lifestyle brand that specializes in the design and manufacturing of hats and caps, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of wake sports (sitsurf and hydrofoil) athlete Grant Korgan’s 2016 Centurion team boat.

Over half a decade ago, world-class adventurer, nanoscientist, and professional athlete, Grant Korgan, lost the use of his body from the waist down due to a snowmobile accident. But that fact hasn’t stopped Korgan from getting rad and being who he is; a seven sport athlete with the purest form of positivity, stoke and zest for life. From being the first spinal cord injured athlete to ski ~80 miles to Antarctica’s South Pole, to now hydrofoiling at the top level, Korgan has reclaimed his lifestyle.

With a lifetime of experience on the water, Korgan was approached by Rick Lee, Centurion founder and family friend. Lee asked Korgan if he would be interested in codeveloping and innovating a sitdown approach to surfing behind the boat. Of course Grant said yes. After a year of prototyping with the Centurion factory and the Inland Surfer board company, Korgan and Lee were able to create the sport. “The idea is to innovate this new on water opportunity to share the experience of surfing with others who have either sustained an injury or to provide an entry point to easily experience the sport of wakesurfing,” says Korgan. “Let’s face it, no matter who you are, wherever you live in the world, we all want to be on a board experiencing the bliss of riding a wave.”

Now enter bigtruck. Founding Partner and CEO, Galen Gifford, has been a long time friend and supporter of Korgan, and knows how freeing it is for him to be back behind the boat. “Our motto is to seek fun and adventure in everything we do, and Grant is the living embodiment of this.” After inviting Korgan to join the bigtruck pro team, Gifford asked how the brand could further support him, and the idea to sponsor his 2016 team boat came about. “Not only does bigtruck get to empower Grant’s mission to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible, this state-of-the-art bigtruck sponsored Centurion team boat will be the vessel that will allow him to further develop the sport of sit down wake surfing for others to enjoy now and in the future.”

“Galen and I codesigned the boat which was an incredible experience,” says Korgan of his new 24ft bigtruck supported Centurion FS44 team boat. “If bigtruck can positively impact a guy who has gone through a challenge as severe as losing half of his body, then what can putting a #FunFirst inspired bigtruck hat on your head do for you in your life? Empowerment to the people”, says Gifford.

Korgan will be unveiling this #FunFirst empowerment wave machine in an upcoming video edit by Wild Bear Media.


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